#18 Crypto & The Prodigal Son

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  • 👀 Crypto Market Outlook: keep this on your radar.

  • Weekly Hack: Problems > Ideas

  • 💵 Recent Deals in Spain: Wallapop, Bipi, Hannun etc.

  • 💭 Thinking or Reading: Storyteller holy grail and caffeine.

👀 Crypto Market Outlook

Interesting Crypto Oulook for 2021 by FS Insight.


🌱 Lots of room to grow

📈 Transaction volumes are growing

🌐 Adoption: Similar path to internet adoption in the 1990´s

What’s next?

💡Does this mean crypto networks could offer the next wave of technological innovation through decentralised protocol alternatives? We shall see!

⚡Weekly Hack: Startup Ideas

Interesting quick read on how to come up with startup ideas.

Here’s a the process you could try (similar to the article above with a spin):

  1. Open up a shared Google Sheet

  2. Add your 1 or 2 friends that you could see yourself working in the trenches with and that complement your skills

  3. If you don’t know these people, don’t worry - find them on Reddit after you come up with a great problem you’d like to work on (more on this in a future edition)

  4. Add the following columns - I like to add a 4 additional scoring columns to rate 1. How much you’d like to work on that problem 2. How qualified / information advantage do I have for this problem 3. How crowded the space is 4. How big could this get. You should play around with these fields.

  1. Schedule a bi-weekly 30 minute call with your “co-founders” to narrow down the options and / or get started with homework to test / validate hypothesis.

  2. Take-off.

💵 Recent Deals in Spain

You love startups and want to enjoy a Spanish lifestyle? Come join the Spanish startup ecosystem. Here’s a list of recently funded startups:

  • Wallapop (marketplace) raised €157M

  • Bipi (car subscription) raised €6M

  • Hannun (eCommerce) raised €3M

  • Card Dynamics (Fintech) raised €2.5m

💭 Thinking or Reading

🏆 The Storyteller’s Holy Grail

Guy Ritchie - who directed Sherlock Holmes and is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt - talks about the essence of all stories.

☕ Coffee is awesome, up to a point

Find your point of diminishing returns and stick to it, especially if you are smart enough to consider caffeine’s half-life and its implications for your sleep.

🧠 Quote I’m pondering

Money is the greatest social network of all.

-Winklevoss Twins.

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